3 tips to simplify your website and get better results

With the exponential grow of new users coming online and mostly on mobile devices, it is constantly pushing our industry to adjust our approach to getting get the desired results our clients are expecting.  Our challenge: Guide your visitors to a successful visit in under 5 seconds.  GO! 

To make that happen, here are 3 tips to consider for your website:

  1. Adapt your website for the device.
    Since the majority of website visitors are having their first interaction with you organization online, your website should be optimized for the device they are viewing on.  And that doesn’t just mean that making the site responsive and slapping a hamburger menu on the top for mobile.  This means you need to evaluate the target audience and anticipate their needs when they get to the website, based on the device they are viewing it from.
  2. Minimize content.
    With the average attention span quickly decreasing year over year, you have a limited time to get your visitor to do what you want them to do, so you better get to the point.  If you lose them within the 5 seconds, they are gone.  So, really think hard about what you’re going to say, because time is of the essence.
  3. Have clear call-to-actions.
    Once you get to your point, tell your visitor what you want them to do.  Provide a clear and concise actionable item that allows them to complete your intended task.  If you are asking for contact information, keep it minimal.  If you asking for them to purchase, make it quick.  In any case, make sure your clear or any amount of money you spend on your new project will be in vain.

In summary, every organizations needs are going to vary, but being clear with what you want your visitors to do is always going to be important to the success of your website.